Let’s talk about the world’s most valuable resource: data

Let’s talk about the world’s most valuable resource: data

Let's talk about the world's most valuable resource: data

As businesses search for ways to channel an incomprehensible amount of increasing and complex data, it becomes hard to believe that something as virtual and weightless could be so valuable among the world’s resources that it could be deemed the most valuable.

But here we are, talking about it.

We’re moving away from our current methods and ways of operating into a new era; a data-driven one. It’s not only exciting but it’s very much unexplored territory and everybody is playing catch up in what can only be described as a kind of twist in supply and demand. Suddenly, we appear to have so much data available to us but we’re racing to tap into it.

The funny thing is, just like tangible resources, it still requires specialist knowledge to get at it and understand it. We still mine it, investigate its depths and rely on technology to get from it what we need. Everybody wants the purest, most valuable pieces, of course.

There’s a theme here that, virtual or not, we will always play this game with what we have available to us; discovering the next ‘best’ thing and taking it to the limit before the cycle repeats itself.


Alongside this industrial-scale revolution is a spectrum of complementary technologies, all assisting with this giant ‘push’ into this new data-verse. And already we’re pushing so far that we need to wait and see what happens before we can realise new directions for business, people and the world. Whether that be through cloud, AI, quantum computing or a combination of any or all.

But those technologies are one hundred per cent ready. And so is data. With that in mind, the business landscape has a very interesting future ahead of it.

As a service provider who will undoubtedly be part of this future, whether that’s through helping clients capitalise on data as a strategic asset, or modernising data workloads, we thought you’d appreciate the following four articles:

  1. ITPro – IBM CEO talks deep data, AI and quantum computing, Riyad Emeran
  2. Crypto Briefing – Securing your most valuable asset: the future of personal data, Robert Wensley
  3. Forbes – Why big data and machine learning are important in our society, Terence Mills
  4. Innovation Enterprise – Why data lakes are important for business analytics, Gary Eastwood

Delivering solutions that are designed for the increasingly complex world of data is by no means easy. As an area undergoing continual rapid change, your challenge will be helping clients manage, store, access or analyse their data. You’ll need to help them build a foundation of trust, so they can access technologies like AI, to give them even deeper insights and propel business forward, all while supporting compliance.

It’s all about making data work for you and your clients, not the other way around.

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